The 12 Shoes of Christmas

17 Dec

Before Thanksgiving, a lot of bloggers I follow chose to use the highly-traveled holiday as an opportunity to blog about packing. For some reason, though, they all seemed to be going from cold to warm climates. Lucky ducks, I guess. But I can’t seem to find any help in packing for long trips to cold climates. If I haven’t mentioned, tomorrow night we’re off to England for Christmas! So no, it’s not any colder than where I live, but still. I mean, shoes alone fill up my suitcase. Do you have any idea how many pairs of shoes I wear in a week? I mean, at least 7. Closer to 12 if I’m actually leaving the house on the weekend.

So how in the world am I supposed to pack for 2 weeks in England, taking less than 10 pairs of shoes?!

Ok, ok, I can do this.

I’ll take my new favorites, my Skecher’s tone up boots. Yes, these are my answer to the “pants dragging in the dirt on the way to work” problem. No, it doesn’t mean none of my pants drag, but it certainly helps, AND they’re super comfy. That’s 1 pair. 2 and 3 are going to be a pair of black and gold flats and a pair of leopard flats. Tiny, cute, done.

Number 4 = gym shoes, because we’re going to be hitting the gym while we’re there. (No, seriously.)

And this is where it gets tricky… will I even have an opportunity to wear high heels? Like, if we go meet his friends at a pub, I would want to wear heels (because they make me look like an adult versus a child, due to lack of height). But if we’re going to be walking there, or to other locations, I don’t want to wear heels. When I used to visit my husband (before he was my husband) in London, I’d bring heels and want to beat myself for wearing them ANYWHERE. Because, really, everywhere involved walking. To a tube. To another tube. To a restaurant. To another tube. To another tube. While the tube stops are very convenient, they’re really not conducive to wearing high heels. So… then I think, ok what heels do I have that are comfy enough for a bit of walking? Ok, cute conservative brown heels that I kind of forgot I loved so much. 5.

Boots with heels would totally work. But not the suede ones in case it rains. Brown leather. 6. Speaking of rain – I guess no wellies… although I did take them with me on one trip to London because mine are good for snow and rain. But I don’t foresee us having to trek through the snow too much since we’re staying with his parents and not in a city (for the most part). But man, if I could, I’d bring my wellies… that’d make 7. I guess all of my (f)uggs are out. They take up too much room and don’t serve any purpose that my other shoes wouldn’t, but then I have some cute comfy flats I bought recently and haven’t had a chance to wear yet… 8.

My flat knee high suede brown boots with fur inside are probably going to have to come. I just love them, and don’t get much chance to wear them really. I know, I know, suede… but maybe it won’t snow/rain? Besides, they’re (obviously) not my only pair of shoes I’m bringing. 9.

I mean, it’s Christmas, so I feel like the red satin flats I got for Halloween would be a perfect addition. When else am I going to wear them? Valentine’s, Halloween, and Christmas are probably my only options. 10.

Then there are my new favorite ankle boots. 11.

And my black ankle boots I stole from my mom (thanks mom). 12.

So… I’m pretty much screwed, aren’t I? I now have 24 hours to dwindle my shoe inventory down to a number I can’t even comprehend right now. My husband thinks I’m crazy, but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even own 12 pairs of shoes so he obviously doesn’t sympathize with my problem.

Don’t even get me started on purses.

I am so screwed.

Oh, right, and I’m supposed to be packing presents, too. Hm. I think I need a bigger suitcase. ORRR they need to invent some sort of teleporter just for shoes. Haven’t they figured this out yet?? That would be amaaaazing.

Did I mention I’m screwed?

Ok, I guess I need to get back to my version of hell trying to fit 12 pairs of shoes in a suitcase, and maybe find some room for some clothes, too.

Any advice other than “Don’t bring 4 different pairs of flats.” would be much appreciated.



One Response to “The 12 Shoes of Christmas”

  1. Steps to the Shop December 20, 2011 at 3:45 pm #

    Obvious advice, don’t let your husband bring anything extra and you will find tons of room.

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