Crazy Christmas: If I Had a Million Dollars (If I Had a Million Dollars)

26 Dec

I’d buy me some $20,000 lawn ornaments.

Well, I’d probably need more than ONE million dollars to justify that. Come on, who has this kind of money??

These lawn ornaments were on sale on for $19,999. Don’t worry, it’s on sale from the original price of $40,000. SERIOUSLY?!


I’d also like to point out that when I went to the site to look at it (the sale is over now), the item was already in another member’s cart. So obviously there are people out there with $20,000 to spend ON LAWN ORNAMENTS FOR CHRISTMAS.

Set includes: one 8-foot-diameter lawn ornament and one 4-foot-diameter lawn ornament
Made of: fiberglass and hand-applied brass leaf with clear-coat automotive finish
Weight: 300 lbs/160lbs
Color: gold
Care instructions: Suitable for outdoor use. Dust with soft cloth when on display. To store, wrap in blankets or plastic and place in dry environment.

Also, the item is listed as “white glove delivery”, which costs just a mere $200 for delivery.

“If your idea of holiday finery is more Rockefeller Center than inflatable reindeer, consider this your golden (literally) opportunity. Gleaming in gold leaf, these spectacular holiday lawn ornaments supersize seasonal sentiment with award-winning style. And you won’t only be the talk of the town, you’ll be in iconic company: These incredible creations are the work of Design Solutions, whose monumentally proportioned holiday displays thrill crowds at such venues as the Bellagio Resort in Las Vegas, the Embarcadero Center in San Francisco, and, yes, Rockefeller Center.”

No, if I had a million dollars, I do not think I’d spend any of it on something like this. You?



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