It’s Electric: How to De-static Everything

13 Jan

It’s winter. That means sweaters and wind and cold and dry air and


staticky everything.

I went on a search for a few de-staticking (?) remedies the other day after my hair shocked me about 1,000 times because all of a sudden it’s starting to actually (finally) feel like winter here and I thought I’d share some of the awesome tips I found.

For clothes (before they come out of the dryer):
– Obviously, a dryer sheet helps. But I have found that the dryer balls are actually really awesome and I don’t even use dryer sheets anymore! They keep fabrics from rubbing against each other too much. I do have to use 4 dryer balls at a time (I used to only have two, but had to use a dryer sheet with them because it didn’t remove all the static), but it’s much better than A – buying dryer sheets and B – throwing away all those dryer sheets when you’re done.
– Work a bit of hair conditioner into a damp washcloth and toss it into the dryer with your clothes.
– Dry like fabrics together to prevent static-prone items from rubbing off on others.
– Apparently if you ball up some aluminum foil and put it in the dryer with your clothes, that also does the trick. I don’t know about this, but maybe it’s because I have a lot of clothing I feel like would get snagged on this somehow??

For clothes (after they come out of the dryer):
– Tried and true, a dryer sheet will get the job done. I keep one in my drawer at work to de-static my skirts from my tights. Rub it underneath the skirt/on top of the tights. If you rub on top of the skirt it can leave traces of the dryer sheet. The good thing about this is that since you’re not sending it through a dryer, that dryer sheet is pretty much never going to die, and you can use it over and over again without ever having to throw it away. Or at the very least, you won’t be throwing them away that often.
– Static removal spray (static guard). Ok, so there is such a product if you feel like going out and buying it. Sometimes it’s necessary.
– Run a metal clothes hanger over pants, skirts and tights before you wear them to help remove static electricity.
– You can put a bit of lotion or small amount of water on your hands and run them over your tights if you’re having static issues.
– Some people say ditch tights all together – but, hello, cold legs much??

For hair:
– Apparently some people also use a dryer sheet on their hair. Personally, I don’t want my hair smelling like laundry, but to each her own.
– Deep conditioning treatments and leave-in conditioners.
– Moroccan oil. Which is usually expensive. I’ve started using a bit of BioSilk when the need arises.
– Winter weather shampoos. There used to be a shampoo/conditioner line whose commercials touted that they would get rid of the static the winter weather causes. I’m sure this is just another shampoo in their line that they just slap a different sticker on, but I did use it once upon a time and it worked. Now I can’t find it so I just use moisturizing shampoo. Hair gets staticky because of the dry air, right? So combatting dryness with moisture makes sense to me.
– A little bit of water. Some people even use spit (gross). But if you’re in a pinch and your hair’s flying every which way, head to the loo and wipe a little water down those tresses. A little. We’re not washing our hair here, people.

For everything:
– Well, I’m not going to just wear leather-soled shoes all winter, but if you’re really looking to de-static your life, they say you should try to “ground” yourself by not wearing rubber-soled shoes.
– Look into getting a humidifier. It will help the dry air in your home that comes from the heat, which will help your clothes, skin, and hair from drying out.
– OR get a bunch of house plants and keep them watered. This will also help humidify the air in your home.
– Moisturize your body! Skin gets dry, too, and if there’s static cling going on in your pants or on your skirts, dry legs are not going to help the situation!

Other random tips for preventing static buildup:
– Don’t rub a balloon on your head.
– Don’t teach a child to rub a balloon on their head, or they will do it to you, the dog, and everything else in the world.

– Don’t shuffle your feet across the carpet.
– Don’t hug or touch anyone until April.



One Response to “It’s Electric: How to De-static Everything”

  1. Steps to the Shop January 17, 2012 at 4:02 pm #

    I have been hit with static at work 100 times, and just that little bit of water always helps take the cling off.

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