Do You Believe?

23 Jan

I ain’t am afraid of no ghosts.

I’m a believer in ghosts and spirits. It doesn’t matter to me if you are or you aren’t, but I just feel like sharing because what happened to me last week was just too.damn.freaky.

Let me first say that when I say spirits, I mean people like my Meamaw, who after she passed away a few years ago left me heads up pennies at every turn (she used to pick them up and hand them to me and always say “See a penny, pick it up!” in reference to the good luck adage). She did this for a month or so after she died. I started a collection in a coin purse I had, and it’s full to the point of bursting. Thank you Meamaw, I miss you. I miss that, too. Someone (who is even more of a believer than I am) once told me to enjoy it while it lasted because they typically didn’t do those things for long, maybe a couple of months. She was right.

When I say ghosts, I mean scare the crap out of me dark spirits that I can feel standing in the corner of the room. (This seems like it would be an appropriate Halloween post, no?)

So, like I mentioned last week, we’re starting to look for houses to buy. Yay! However, in looking at a ton of beautiful photos our agent sent us, and then at the super low prices of some of them, I’m like… ok, what’s the catch? What’s wrong with these houses? I watch American Horror Story. Because of course I do. If you don’t know what it is, this season (every season is supposed to be different) it was about a mansion where all the previous owners are dead and still “living” inside. There’s a curse on the house, and everyone who buys the house (which is super cheap because it’s called “Murder House” for a reason) basically dies one way or the other, and then is stuck there with the other previous owners. It’s not really a scary show, but I guess it seems a bit too real. SO OK YES I KNOW I PROBABLY SHOULDN’T WATCH IT. Too late. So now I think the reason these houses are so pretty, but so cheap, and have been on the market for so long, is that there are scary ghosts inside. Obviously.

The other night this came to a head in my mind while I was in bed trying to fall asleep (of course) and then I couldn’t sleep and then all of a sudden… I was being held down. First of all, I sleep with a sleep mask, but second of all, I wouldn’t have opened my eyes anyway. I knew what it was. It’s happened to me before, just not in this house. And I refuse to open my eyes because if I see what’s holding me down, it becomes too real. I couldn’t move my arms or my legs. Our ghost told me his name is Bob, and told me there’s a newspaper article about his murder. I got the feeling he wanted me to look it up (haven’t been able to find anything, in case you’re wondering). I tried not to react because even though I’ve always felt there was a ghost in our house, my thought is that if I never acknowledge that feeling while in the house, they’ll never “appear” or do anything to show that they are there. Hopefully Bob doesn’t read my blog or he’ll know I’m bluffing.

Yes, it could have been a dream, and I get that most of you will be of the belief that it was. But being the believer in ghosts that I am, I don’t believe that it was a dream. Oh right, and there’s more.

Over the summer one of my watches (Timex analog) stopped working. Or, rather, was slow. We were in England at the time, and it seemed to be almost 2 hours behind what it should’ve said. I’m not sure how long it had been like that. I mean, I wear my watch, but don’t always look at it. I thought when I got home that I’d go back to the jeweler and get it checked out, because I’d only bought it not 3 months before, brand new. But then I reset it and for a couple weeks it was fine, so I didn’t see a reason to go back. Must’ve had something to do with flying (??) or being in another country (??). Neither of which made any sense, but whatever, my watch was working again. By the time it reset itself again, the jeweler had closed down (he retired). I thought ok fine, my watch resets itself to random times now again. Looks like I’m just going to have to deal with it until it straight up dies and I get a new battery.

Then last week my other watch reset itself (a digital watch which is very difficult to set – you have to use a pen and press one button twice before another one once and very hard). I was starting to think maybe there was something wrong with me internally that would cause my watches to go crazy. Something to do with my heart?? Do I have magnetic blood? Yeah, I don’t know. I also probably watch too much House and therefore uncommon medical conditions don’t seem too far-fetched. I thought about googling it but never did. I reset the watch.

Two days later, the morning after my interaction with Bob, I snoozed my alarm on my phone and laid it next to my hand on the bed, like I always do, for an extra 5 minutes of sleep (man, did I need it after the night I had). When the alarm went off, the phone was clear on the other side of the bed. I would’ve had to toss it to get it there, and my husband had already left for work so he didn’t do it. I tried not to show signs of noticing, and went downstairs to get in the shower. As I was brushing my teeth, trying to convince myself that it was a dream, I looked down at my watch and it said 12:00 AM. In reality, it was probably about 10 after 8. My watch had been reset at that very moment, while wearing it, while trying to convince myself that the night before was a dream. Fah-reak-y.

Sooo now we really need to move because I don’t want interact with Bob anymore. And yes, I’m of the mindset that ghosts do not travel, but are stuck in the house they were last in. Now I just need to find a way to make sure there aren’t any ghosts in our new house before we actually buy it. If you think I’m alone in this “crazy” house-buying concern, google “how do I find out if someone died in my house” and you’ll see that there are 39,500,000 results.

Happy freaky Monday!



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    […] It happened again last night, and the watch thing again this morning (reset to 12 on the dot as soon as I walked in the bathroom). But we won’t dwell because that’s not what this blog is about! I just really need a nap. And a new house. […]

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