Holiday Awesome: Homemade Valentine’s Day Presents

13 Feb

I mentioned the other day I was working on some V-day crafts, and inbetween signing contracts and drowning in boxes (aka packing), I managed to finally *finish* a couple of my V-day presents for my husband. I say *finish* because I decided I was at a stopping point and after V-day I’ll probably just finish the rest because it won’t really matter. I guess this will make more sense if I show you what I’m talking about.

I made sachets for my husband this V-day (5 so far, hence if I want to make more, it won’t really matter, I’ll just give him the 5 for now and make the others when I get a chance). Moth-warding-off-sachets, to be exact. Sexy, I know.

Let me explain.

We each own a sweater that we realized in the past year had a bunch of holes in it. Moth holes. What we can’t say with absolute certainty is when these holes came about, and if they even happened in the house we currently live in. It’s only been one sweater each, not like multiple items of clothing (that I’ve noticed, at least). Nonetheless, my husband has a couple of expensive sweaters he now wants to lock in a vault where moths can’t get them, but vaults aren’t exactly easily accessible. And moth balls stink like grossness. There are other moth products my in-laws recommended that we may try in the future. But for now, we shall try these sachets! (Maybe I’ll even make some for myself.) I looked into moth herbal remedy type things and they said lavender, thyme, ginseng, and rosemary all help with warding the little monsters off. I went to a hippie store that sold all of these things and only lavender smelled like something I’d want my clothes (or anyone else’s clothes) to smell like. Lavender it was!

The idea for sachets came from a tutorial I found, but really, you just put the outside of the fabric together, facing each other, sew 3 1/2 sides (leaving a hole to flip the fabric through)

flip it inside out (well, outside out, since you put the outside… in)

fill with nice smelling stuff, and sew up the other 1/2 of the side.

Basic sewing. I mean, even I could do it, so it can’t be that hard. I don’t sew. Ever. Ask my mom. She does all my sewing. Probably because I have a severe hatred for measuring things. Yeah, now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure that’s why I don’t sew. Winging it at sewing doesn’t exactly produce great results. Lucky for me, these little sachets still look cute even though they’re not symmetrical and none of them are the same size. Uh, even though I did measure when I cut the fabric. I don’t know what happened there… Let’s just pretend like I didn’t measure and wanted them all to be different sizes. Anyway, the tutorial did say to use a “breathable fabric like wool”, so if you’re attempting this you should probably do such a thing. I went for manly-looking-wool-that-was-on-sale-at-the-fabric-store-that-still-had-a-bit-of-pink-in-it-to-make-it-Valentine’s Day-esque. Also, once you fill them I suggest putting them in a ziplock bag until you’re ready to actually use/gift them. That way your husband doesn’t go searching for whatever that new smell is and also the sachets keeps for a bit longer since you’re not using them yet.

Moth preventing sachets for Valentine’s Day. Ok, so it doesn’t exactly scream “ROMANCE!”… but I put hearts on them, so that has to count for something… no?

I’m super proud of myself for hiding this from my husband for a couple weeks. I don’t know how I did it! (Watch, tonight he’ll find them or something, lol.) My husband notices EVERYTHING. So I had to hide my sewing materials in a plastic bag inside my work bag and do a couple stitches every time he was out of the room or went to the gym. I even took it on the bus to work with me. Who sews on a bus? Apparently me… ??

Tonight, while my husband is at the gym (I had to time this out perfectly so they’re fresh), I’m also making him homemade granola bars (he loves granola bars and eats like 10 a day). My plan is to make them heart-shaped, but I’m not too optimistic about that so we’ll see if it works out or not. Maybe I’ll just put jam in the shape of a heart on top. That sounds like it could work!

Are you doing any fun V-day crafts? Do share!

❤ Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! ❤


PS – Don’t any of you go spoiling my surprises!!

PPS – My hubby sent me some purdy flowers today. Ain’t he the best?


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