I Made Something Awesome: Grown Up Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

1 Mar

I suppose you could call me a grilled cheese connoisseur.

I’d take “best damn grilled cheese maker around”, as well. (She says ever-so-humbly.)

Is humbly a word?

Like three weeks ago (Yes, three weeks ago. I’ve been a little busy packing up my life, so… yeah… sorry!) I made one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches I’ve ever had in my life. Did you know grilled cheeses are like an “it” food right now? I don’t know who started this craze, but I’d like to shake his hand. Or her hand. Whatever. My husband and I went to a beer and grilled cheese tasting not too long ago and it was sooo good. Aaand as I just typed “not too long ago” I realized it was probably over a year ago. Wow. Anyway, I had no idea the things people could do with grilled cheeses! My little “recipe” (if you can even call it that, more like “list of different ingredients”) is nothing compared to the crazy funky cheese/fruit/meat/bread combos they came up with. Some were even a little too funky for me – but I admire the effort and creativity that went into it!

The reason I’m sharing my grilled cheese with you? Um, because my husband, mid chew of the first bite, managed to choke out the words “YOU CAN DEFINITELY MAKE THIS AGAIN!!”. Just so you know, this is how the (new) meals I make are gaged (his responses are unprompted, by the way):

  • Nothing, no words – it’s ok (I mean, it’s always edible.)
  • “That was great, thanks love.” – it’s pretty good. He wouldn’t turn it down if I made it again (who am I kidding, he wouldn’t turn any food down, ever).
  • “You can make this again.” – it’s a new favorite and I will have to make it occasionally for the rest of my life.
  • If I get anything above and beyond – as in, “definitely” added in, extra enthusiasm in any way, or the occasional look of wonder and amazement, I am a freaking rockstar and this has shot right up to his top 10 (which, by the way, is a surprising mix of things).

So guess what – this grilled cheese is UP there. Like wayyy up there. So who am I to keep it to myself?

Grown Up Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
– Sliced bread (I used white bread)
– Prosciutto
– White American cheese slices
– Spinach leaves
– Butter/margarine (I used margarine)

It’s a pretty daunting list of ingredients, I know. You’re probably going to have to search far and wide for “white american cheese slices”.

Ha! I just realized my British family might actually have to go to a specialty cheese shop for American cheese (no, seriously). Sorry, you’ll have to improvise!

Alright, back to the matter at hand: Get out a skillet that has a cover/lid. Do you know the keys to making an amazing grilled cheese? Lids and butter. Yup. Lids… and… butter. If you don’t already use both, try it. I’m telling you. It will change your life! Or at least the way you make grilled cheeses.

Spray the skillet with your nonstick spray of choice, butter the bottom slice of bread, place butter side down in the pan (heat not on yet), add a cheese slice (I rip the cheese because I feel like it covers more area than one solid slice) and ripped up prosciutto

then another cheese slice and rip up some spinach leaves on top (umm… I like ripping things, I guess).

Butter the other slice of bread, place on top butter side facing up. Place the cover over the pan, and turn the heat on low. Slow and steady wins this race here, folks. The goal is to get everything to stick together before browning the outsides of the bread. The low heat and the lid on top keeps more heat in to melt the cheese, which makes it not only delicious, but easy to flip. Give it a good 2-3 minutes, then see how the melting is coming along.

If it’s nice and melty, it’s time to brown the outsides. Toss the lid aside (not literally), and crank up the heat (literally). I mean, not too high, don’t burn your pan. Maybe like medium-high. Keep a careful eye on it and toast both sides of the bread to your heart’s content. I didn’t get to take a picture when they were finished because my husband was pacing the floor. Not even kidding.

We almost always have tuna melts for our Saturday lunches (when we’re home), but we were out of mayo (gasp!) so I had to improvise a lunch out of what we had on hand. We went to the store and got mayo later that day, but I had to make these grilled cheeses again the next day for lunch at the husband’s begging request. So… WARNING: You may have to make these all the time if you make them once. My husband knows we only get prosciutto when I bring it home from work, lol, so that’s the only reason I’m off the hook (for the time being).

Got any other grown up grilled cheese ingredients to share? I’m all ears!



One Response to “I Made Something Awesome: Grown Up Grilled Cheese Sandwiches”

  1. Lela March 1, 2012 at 3:24 pm #

    Looks amazing – I’ll have to try it! I have to admit it, my favorite sandwich is a fancy grill cheese (and by fancy, I mean a grilled cheese that includes something other than a slice of cheese). At Beyond Bread, my favorite sandwich place, I have to ask for a special sandwich that’s not even on the menu anymore but they still make it for me – a grill cheese on white bread, tomatoes, and 3 different kinds of cheese (swiss, provolone, and brie). Amazing.

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