We Moved…

6 Apr

And while we’re very happy with our new house and home, there’s a bit of a damper on it at the moment.

On Monday, when I was leaving for work, I saw my baby (guinea pig) PC hadn’t eaten the carrots and grass I gave to him the night before. When guinea pigs don’t eat, it’s a serious problem. No, I’m not joking. Their livers can shut down within 16-20 hours if they’re not eating, and usually it’s a symptom of a very serious illness that needs to get checked out by a vet immediately. I came into work that day, but couldn’t stand not being home to help him if he was really sick, so I took my laptop to work from home for the rest of the day and try to nurse him back to health.

When I got home, he still hadn’t eaten anything, and was in the same spot I had left him in that morning, wrapped up in a fluffy towel in his cage (also not a good sign, guinea pigs move around a lot). I went to the store and bought some baby food because I read online that you can feed that to your pig with a needleless syringe if they’re not eating (which I have on hand from my last guinea pig’s long illness). He took some of it, and I made him drink some water, but I still called the vet because he just didn’t look good. The vet came to the house (I found a mobile vet right in our area, which was awesome considering A – our old vet would’ve been over an hour away now that we moved and B – it’s really hard to find vets that will treat guinea pigs, and this one did.), did a full check of him, and said he probably had a stone (since he also was unable to go to the bathroom) or a bladder infection. She left us with meds, including antibiotics and pain medicine, and I was supposed to check in with her the following evening to find out how he was doing and to discuss if he needed an xray and possibly surgery.

wrapped up in 30 blankets

I held him for a long time that night, wrapped up in, oh, like 30 blankets. We all like to be comfy when we’re sick! I’m glad I took the time to hold him that night because when I got back from work on Tuesday evening, he was gone.

It’s hard to ignore the coincidence that we had just gone through a move; hard to think that didn’t have something to do with it; hard to not think “When I gave him a bath the other night, did I not put enough blankets around him, and did he get sick?”

little begger

He was perfectly fine over the weekend. Eating and running around in his cage, begging me for treats. He was old, but hadn’t experienced any “aging” symptoms. The vet was surprised when I told her he was 5 because he looked so young. Out of the blue, he got sick and died on me. But apparently guinea pigs don’t usually show symptoms of illness until it’s too late. So I’m going to try to force myself to think that nothing I did had anything to do with it, and it would have happened regardless of location or bath or anything, because there’s nothing I can do about it now.

I know most of you will never know how close of a bond you can get to a guinea pig, but trust me when I say it’s just like a dog or cat. It really, truly, is. So if you’re thinking “it’s just a guinea pig”, think of how you would feel if you lost your dog or cat, and that’s how I feel right now. I was pretty much totally numb for 2 days, with Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” on repeat in my head, and I can still feel the crying eyes soreness. Also, because I’m weird, apparently I use my jaw an awful lot when I cry, because, yeah, it’s still sore, too!

Anyway, I know I was trying to keep this blog less personal and more focused on things that people who don’t know me would also be able to relate to, but I think this deserves an exception.

PC died a year and 3 days after Scooter (and most of you will have read my broken-hearted post about Scooter). It’s really hard to have them both gone now. (Yes, I still have another guinea pig, but they were my babies that I had for 5-6 years).

Scooter & PC, back in the day

Next week we’ll talk awesome, non depressing stuff. Promise.



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