So Long Austin

26 Apr

I was in Austin, TX last week for a conference. It was not awesome. Well, Austin was not at least. Sorry if anyone else enjoys it, but my first experience in Texas, specifically in Austin, was not a great one. Sure, it was cool that we had a conference event at Austin City Limits, and heard some decent music, but it was just kind of… eh. The crowning moment was on the last day we were there when someone stole my cell phone just after I posted this picture to facebook:

not the statue, just the W's Willie Nelson tribute nextdoor

We were at the Willie Nelson statue unveiling at Austin City Limits – SO cool, by the way, but apparently someone decided to ruin that, too. For those who have already heard about my phone being stolen, sorry, but just one more time: I’m so sad because I had so many (literally, thousands) pictures and videos on that phone – mostly of my guinea pigs… past and present. 😦 I don’t give a hoot about the phone, I just wanted my damn SD card back! The worst part is I knew I was going to lose my phone. I bought an SD card reader months ago and tried to get all the pictures off because I was scared something would happen and I would lose everything. However, for some reason the card reader would only upload my older pictures, as in, pictures from my LAST phone, prior to getting this one a year and a half ago. I kept trying to make time to figure out what was wrong with it, but never did. And now I’m mad and sad.

Ok done complaining. Nothing I can do about it now, afterall. (PS: Yes, it was definitely stolen – I had this thing called “Where’s my droid” downloaded and could see the GPS coordinates an hour after I lost it saying it was 13 miles outside of Austin. PPS: Karma apparently is a b*$%& because I have found and returned several cell phones in my day, but she wouldn’t give me mine back.)

Ok NOW I’m done.

Let’s focus on the awesome: Seeing Willie Nelson, and hearing him sing two songs, that close, was pretty frickin’ cool. Luckily my camera wasn’t stolen.

the man

singing "Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die" (I'm pretty sure he seriously wants this to happen)

the man and his statue


While I was away, I left my husband with enough food to last him at least 3 days (so he had to fend for himself for 2). When I got home he told me if I’d been gone another day he’d have had to go hunting for his food. “What, at Wawa??” I asked. The thought of him attempting to hunt anything makes for a very funny picture! He can’t even “hunt” for where I moved the cereal in the pantry!

I haven’t been home for a full weekend since the first weekend we moved in. It drove me crazy when we were in Austin just thinking of all the things I could be doing at the house instead. I was tired and sad/mad (about my phone) when I got home on Saturday, but Sunday couldn’t sit down. What I’m most proud of accomplishing that day – organizing my pantry. How ridiculous is that? Also, how ridiculous is it that 4 days later I’m still proud of it?? When I was unpacking the kitchen, I just put anything anywhere so I could get rid of the boxes that stood between me and my kitchen table. I couldn’t cook a full meal for weeks because I couldn’t deal with the frustration of not being able to find anything! So organize, I did. I even separated it by cuisine and meal types. (Mexican, Italian, baking, etc.) You don’t have to tell me, I know I’m crazy. Crazy like a FOX who knows where everything is! Ahhh…

Also, my husband now has his own shelf, which includes: tea, keurig k cups, nuts, mac and cheese, marmite, granola bars, and cereal – the only things he uses when I’m not around (he doesn’t cook… at all). Trust me, this is necessary. I don’t want to hear “I can’t find where you hid the mac and cheese!” when I’m out of town and can’t physically point to it, because telling him where to look just So my husband now has his very own shelf. Problem solved (…we’ll see about that!).

Now that I’m going to be home for a weekend, I’ll be getting some projects started and finally be able to share something other than anger and tears! Ha.



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