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Door Update

9 May

Oops – just realized I never updated you on the locked guest bedroom door situation! Thanks for the emails and comments, you all had very helpful tips! But in the end, my husband was right when he said… my mom can fix anything.

Before I get to how, let me tell you what I tried:

– Credit card sliding the bolt back in (it was too deep into the door, couldn’t get to the end of it to push it back)

– Also tried the same with a flat head screwdriver

– Every key the previous owners left us (seriously, if you were to see the amount of keys they left us, you’d think one of them would be it!)

– Attempted to open it using the little hole on the side of the doorknob, but I think the handle was lined up wrong since there was nothing to “press” once inside that hole

– Popped the pins out of the door hinge (no screws on this side of the door), but the door itself wouldn’t pop out. I’m thinking it was an odd angle, and we would have had to pull it straight out, which we couldn’t do because the door handle was locked therefore making it go on an angle instead of straight. (Confused yet? Just trust me on this one, it didn’t work.)

– Watched numerous videos on how to pick a lock (my favorite is one video that starts “Always pick your OWN lock or you could get in serious trouble.” lol). It’s a good thing I didn’t pick a life of crime because I’m pretty terrible at it.

– Went to Home Depot and talked to a guy making keys in the lock aisle (sounds like a good guy to ask, no?). I asked him how one would open a bedroom door that was accidentally locked. He said, “Take the door off.” I told him I tried, and he flinched and looked impressed! Then I told him what else I tried and he basically told me I was screwed and his only recommendation would be to take a sledge hammer to the doorknob. So apparently there was no key for my type of lock and also there was no gel you could pour in to make a key.

– Tried flathead screwdrivers of all sizes, straightened out paper clips, hammers, crowbars… but the one thing that ended up working?

Destroying the doorknob. But not with a sledge hammer (probably just because we didn’t have one).

We’re going camping this weekend, and it’s a trip that was planned ages ago and SOMEBODY didn’t look at a calendar when the date was picked, and oops, it’s Mother’s Day (I somehow always manage to be out of town on Mother’s Day, oops!). So we were going to meet up with my mom for a pre-Mother’s Day lunch this past weekend to make up for it. We have a spot we usually meet that’s about halfway between our houses. But my mom is crazy and when she hears there’s something I can’t fix she gets fixated on it and can’t get it out of her head until she’s exhausted all options. Which, I guess, makes her pretty successful at fixing things. So when she heard about our door being locked she was like “Well, I guess I’m coming down there this weekend.” and she did. My husband and I were feeling kind of bad about it, because it’s her Mother’s Day meal and she’s driving all the way to our house for it instead of us to hers, but now when I think about it I think she probably didn’t even see it that way because she was so fixated on fixing that damn door (also, she’s been trying for weeks to figure out how to fix our ice maker and it’s driving her nuts)!

After trying all the things I’d tried, it was time to just accept destruction and she started taking a flathead screwdriver and these crazy sharp scissor-type things to the doorknob. The “gold” plating around the knob peeled off and we were able to see where another hole that the little hole on the doorknob was supposed to line up to (I was right!). The problem with telling you what we did is that… we don’t really know. It all happened so fast and we were kind of doing eight things at once (did I mention my husband was downstairs watching TV while we were upstairs destroying a doorknob? lol), so we’re not entirely sure what actually “did it”. It may have been that I stuck a screwdriver in that hole we found. It may have been that taking the gold plating off somehow had something to do with the mechanism and doing that “killed” the mechanism. We don’t know. All I know is I turned the handle and it was open. Then we had to put the pins back in so the door didn’t fall on us. 🙂

Anyway. Moral of the story = my mom can fix anything, locksmith be damned! Also, sometimes destroying something is the way to fix it (I guess we’ll have to get a new knob, eventually).

Thanks again for all your help! Even if nothing else worked because my door is special, I want you to know that I explored/tried all the options you gave me.



How Does Your Garden Grow?

8 May

I keep complaining to people about all the work we’ve been doing on our garden. It’s definitely like “white people problems” in the sense that I shouldn’t really be complaining about anything! Our back yard is landscaped and lovely. But we’ve been trying to figure out all the perennials that are back there, put down mulch…

Do you have any idea how many bags of mulch you need?? I’m pretty sure we’ve been through 30 and our yard is not.that.big. I think it’s because our yard is basically all gardens. The previous previous (so not the previous, but the ones before) owners landscaped the back area with little articulate garden beds and brick paths circling here and there.

Look at all I have to complain about!


Look away!

But the thing is, there’s like no grass whatsoever. We have this teeny tiny little triangle of grass (you can kind of see it in the first pic above, look for my painting supplies I didn’t move before I took the photo). And in some of the garden beds there’s empty space. So what I’d really like to do is move some of the plants around, therefore getting rid of a bed here and there, pull up some of the brick paths, to make room for some more grass. See? Told you my complaints really have no basis. But! Because I have such high hopes, and I guess really just want to make it “ours”, it is a lot of work. Also, my husband has been wonderful and patient enough to put down all 30 bags of mulch. THAT is a lot of work!

And, grass won’t grow everywhere I want to get rid of beds because they’re in a shady area (not shady knife you shady, shady dark with no sunlight). So I’ve also been trying to transplant and expand our amount of moss. I loooove moss. Maybe it’s because it’s just so green and lucious.

transplanting moss – stay tuned

And just as I’m telling you I want to get rid of some garden beds, I’m going to tell you that I created a new one, lol. It’s on the side of the garage and I needed somewhere to plant some bulbs from my Meamaw’s garden that my aunt gave me! Plus I didn’t feel like that side of the garage would grow much grass. We’ll see if it grows much of anything, but it looks better now that it did before! I don’t have a before shot, so just imagine that whole area looking like the dry dirt outside of the bed. Blech. I raked up the soil, pulled up a ton of tree roots, and used some bricks that were behind our garage (you can see we still have some back there) to frame the bed.

AND (because I clearly haven’t used “and” enough in this post) I’ve figured out what my favorite plant is: Azaleas! They’re so purdy, and lucky for me our house came with two out front, a small one out back, and another one out back I didn’t realize was one until all of a sudden white blooms came out of nowhere and I did a double-take! My aunt also gave me two Azaleas from my Meamaw’s garden, which I’m assuming won’t bloom until next year now. I kind of just want to plant azaleas everywhere! There’s tons of houses in our town with azaleas out the wazoo, so they must grow pretty well here. Also, I heart rhododendrons (definitely had to look up the spelling there). Probably because they look like Azaleas but just clumped together and in a bigger bush type thing.




I’d love to take credit for these gorgeous flowers… so I will. Nevermind that we just moved in a month ago…

AND we have a rose bush (also obviously my doing)!

Ok panning out it doesn’t look all that great (I think it needs some major trimming back), but look at the adorable garden signs my MIL sent us!

Any tips or advice for this rookie gardener?? I mean, I’ve had tiny gardens with annuals before (I am a PRO at growing sunflowers for some reason)… but nothing like this!

Also, we have officially become uncool adults who say things like “Boy, our garden sure could use some rain!” and then, “I wish it would stop raining, but boy does our garden need it!” *sigh* At least we have neighbors around our age we can joke about this with, lol. My husband and I just laugh at our “homeowner problems” – dry soil, not having time to mulch, repaving the driveway. I think we are officially old.

When One Door Closes… It Stays Closed (Apparently)

1 May

So… I went to show my husband how the door to the guest bedroom doesn’t stay shut last night. I figured this out when I was up doing stuff around the house til 3am the other night and he was in bed at 11, so I couldn’t show him then. Well, guess what – the door closed!

And is still closed… because apparently it was locked.


So now our guest bedroom door is locked from the inside, and it’s like the only door in the house the previous owners didn’t leave us a key to.

I couldn’t stop laughing at the irony of me showing him the door wouldn’t stay closed and then it, well, staying closed! My husband did not find any humor whatsoever in this… so I have to fix it and prove that we don’t need to call a locksmith to open the damn door. I’m kind of wishing I’d left one of the windows open so I could climb in and open it, but I didn’t. I tried picking it with paperclips like I watched in a Youtube video, but apparently I wouldn’t be a very good burglar because I can’t, for the life of me, figure it out. There are no screws to unscrew on the door handle or hinges on this side of the door. When I put a little screwdriver into the little hole on the side of the handle, nothing happens. Any other ideas??? My husband’s out of town til tomorrow so I’d LOVE to have it fixed when he walks in the door. Who doesn’t love an “I told you so” moment??