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Animal House

8 Jun

My husband has put limits on the amount of animals we can have in our house. I’m allowed two guinea pigs and one dog – our house is too small for any more! My husband loves cats, but has never had a dog, while I, on the other hand, have been dying to have my own dog for many, many years now. You know those people who are baby crazy and goo goo and ga ga at every single baby that goes by (you know who you are!)? Yeah, that’s me, but with dogs. If there’s a dog in the house, I’m probably on the ground playing with it, versus talking to the humans.

Anyway, I was told we could get a dog once we were in the house for two months. Guess what? It’s been two months in our home! And while I’d love to have been able to run out to all the shelters within a 50 mile radius last week (when it was EXACTLY two months) and snatch up an adorable pup, I had to ship off to the West Coast for the week for work. Technically we could’ve gotten a dog last weekend, but leaving my non-ever-having-a-dog husband, alone with our new furry child, while humorous, would have been mean.

Oh well, I guess it gave us a little more time to prep for doggie arrival! Since my husband has never had a dog, I think he doesn’t really know what to expect, and therefore we are planning like parents about to have a baby! My husband likes to be prepared for things. Like, I had to do a research project for him showing him the costs of owning a dog. That prepared. But since I did that, now it’s onto all the things a dog needs that I’ve been acquiring. I guess we like to be prepared in different ways. 🙂

– I acquired an only used once, still in the box, dog crate (for crate training) from Craigslist. Score!

– Dog toys: We have not so squeaky ones, NON anything that could look like a guinea pig ones (our dog will have nothing that looks like a real animal – yellow furry crocodiles are fine), durable bitey rings, and plenty of old tennis balls.

– Dog training clicker and tiny treats for training (I’ve never actually trained a dog before, so this should be interesting!)

– Baby gate (…and now Amazon keeps recommending baby things to me, great)

– Food bowls for in and outside the crate

– Flea treatment collars that were on clearance at Target (What?? I’m sure we’ll need them at some point…)

– Oh, and a leash! The shelter provides a collar (and a week’s worth of dog food).

– A dog bed that may or may not be too small, but was too cute to pass up (I can always return it).

So, Amazon, Overstock, and Craigslist love me right now.

And… we are ready for puppy! (I think??)

Did I mention we also got another guinea pig last week? We let our other guinea pig, Tyson, pick him out from the Have a Heart Guinea Pig Rescue!

Meet… Jake!

Jake (and Tyson) got new cages – that I built!