Our Dog Baby

3 Jul

I know two types of people, those who say getting a dog will prepare you for having a child, and those who say it is NOTHING like having a child. I’m here to tell you that it’s somewhere inbetween, and no, I don’t have children, but hear me out.

We set out to get a young-ish dog from a rescue a few weeks ago. Totally didn’t intend on getting a puppy because, well, my husband and I are both (ok, him a bit more than me) very particular about keeping our things nice. So we didn’t want a puppy who would destroy things. The sweet girl we ended up taking home we were told was 1-2 years old… but when we took her to the vet we found out she was 9-10 months MAX, so, yes, she IS a puppy! Surprise! It does explain her behavior a bit more, though.

Since getting a puppy…

We have been woken up many times in the middle of the night by her crying.

We have had to deal with pee and poop in lots of places they’re not supposed to be.

We are now the proud owners of 3 baby gates.

Our schedules are totally off – my husband (bless him) now gets up around 5:45am to walk her. (I do the night walk.)

We are totally sleep deprived.

For the first 2 weeks I couldn’t even wrap my head around cooking a real meal. (Now she “helps” and lays on the floor watching me cook.)


Helping mommy cook.


We have to follow her every move around the house, because the minute we don’t, she decides she has to pee or wants to be curious and destroy something. (Like last Friday when she was building up trust being left alone on our back porch. I left her alone for 15 minutes, came down, and she had eaten a candle. Yes, EATEN. Ok, maybe not digested, but there was no part to the candle that resembled the candle. I didn’t even know what it was until I did a survey of the room and realized the candle was missing! My husband and I take turns with her when she’s not in her crate. “Can you watch her while I go to the bathroom?” This is our life now!)

So in recap, I think having a dog (or at least a puppy) DOES prepare you for having a child: cleaning up after them, being responsible for feeding them, lack of sleep, crying, following them around ALL THE TIME. Is it exactly the same? Of course not! It’s not like you can lock your baby in a crate when you leave the house. Or toss it a rawhide to keep it busy for 20 minutes. Well, ok, I’m sure there’s some baby equivalent for that.

I love my daddy.

Anyway, we love our puppy, and obviously knew she would be work, but I’m just pointing out that there are some similarities even though some people get VERY adamant about it being nothing like having a baby. I know it’ll take time, but she’ll learn that candles and shoes aren’t for eating, mommy’s rugs aren’t for peeing on, and (fingers crossed) not to get mad when mommy and daddy leave her alone for a minute. Our *sweet* little girl (90% of the time) has a bit of a… hmm… what to call it. Oh, what the hell, bitchy streak. She is a little lover, loves to be held and cuddled, but if I spend 5 minutes with the guinea pigs and my husband is in bed or not around? She purposely goes and does something bad. Like, “Oh, you’re going to ignore me? Fine, clean this up!” I can only half get mad at her for that, though… I mean, just look at this face.

Ok, I have to tell you the story behind her name for any of those who don’t know yet. My husband told me months ago that when we got a dog we were naming it after Steven Gerrard, Liverpool Football player. He apparently didn’t even think of the possibility that we’d get a girl! I told him if we ended up with a girl, we’d name her Stevie anyway, like Stevie Nicks. Well, when we finally got her, and were on the way home (weeks after the earlier conversation), he was like “Who’s Stevie Nicks?”. Lol. So of course whenever we tell someone it’s a girl and her name is Stevie, they’re like, “Like Stevie Nicks?” and we have to go through this whole story all over again… lol. My husband told me he’s started just saying yes, even though he claims (liar) he doesn’t know who Stevie Nicks is.

Our neighbor popped in a couple times to visit with little Stevie the beagle while we were away this weekend, and she told me when we got back that you can tell she just hasn’t “figured out the world yet”. When she said that I started noticing exactly what she meant. Stevie wanders around from room to room with this little quizzical look on her face, all the time. It’s adorable, but I never really thought about it before. She’s a little puppy just trying to figure out the world.


Stevie and her best friend Liono.


Say it with me…




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