Theme Parties Are Awesome – Christmas In July (Post Party)

1 Aug


banner made last minute… the “happy birthday” part never made it out. oh well!


SORRY. I know. I say “stay tuned” and then get busy… and… ok fine, A LITTLE lazy.

So you want to know how the party went, right?

Well, in true MY HUSBAND fashion, it did not go off without a hitch. Let me just tell you the whole story:

Our ruse was that our friends Cassie, Sarah, and Stevon were coming up to visit another friend of theirs Friday night for his birthday, but that they were going out of town the next day so they were going to stay with us Saturday night. My husband is seriously the hardest person to get out of the house. EVER. No joke. Nothing we came up with would have worked without him being suspicious. The best thing we got was him taking Stevvy to yoga, but I knew he’d be super embarassed coming back all sweaty to a bunch of people at his house. So… basically I just told him that when they got there, us girls needed to go to the store to run wedding errands (Cass is getting married SO SOON!), and that when we got back we had to do wedding crafts and that the boys needed to leave the house at that point. When I first told him this plan, he didn’t question it, because he had just come home from having drinks with a friend, and was just tipsy enough to not care, lol. But then, of course, he started questioning it. “What are we going to do?” “Why can’t we be here?” “How long do you NEED?” I am kind of a really bad liar, so when he asked these questions I was just like “I don’t know” “I don’t know” “I don’t KNOW”. Which actually worked to my advantage because eventually he came to the conclusion that we were helping Cass do a super secret wedding craft for Stevvy. So, I went with that, because it meant Stevvy absolutely couldn’t be around.

What I wanted to happen, was them to hang around the house while we did our errands, and then leave when we did our crafts. Since I know how hard it is to get my husband out of the house, I knew I wouldn’t have long, so I knew he wouldn’t be able to stay out for BOTH things. Just before we were leaving he asks Stevvy if he wants to go to the bar for a few beers. WHAT? NO! (was my actual response) And then I asked what he would do when we came back, if he went to the bar now. He said “walk the dog”. Ok, my husband takes the dog on long walks, but no more than 45 minutes. “How long do you think crafting takes? You need to be gone longer than it takes to walk Stevie.” He seemed to agree and accept what I was saying, and now, remember, HE thinks HE’s the one keeping Stevvy out of the house. When, in reality, it’s Stevvy keeping HIM out of the house. Win-Win, right? Off we go to run errands.

Then Cass gets a text saying they’re at the bar. SONOFA– are you kidding me?? So when we get home, I text my husband asking where he is, and when he says the bar, I say you better text me when you leave because we have to hide all the crafting stuff. Oh, btw, we told Stevvy to keep my husband out until 6pm. They probably went to the bar around 3.

They BOTH text us at 5:30 saying they’re on their way back. Because of course they do.

I literally RUN down the street (we live in a small little area between two dry towns, so all the bars are in walking distance), and try to intercept them. If they get down our street, game over. I’m running, in flip flops, because we have like nothing set up at this point. We had like a table and a cooler. I see them from afar (luckily Stevvy wore a red shirt that day) and quickly decide to run back and get the dog and make them walk her. I do this and tell them both they can’t be back until 6. They reluctantly agree and mumble something about coming back earlier if they have to go to the bathroom. Oh great. Just what I need. OK FINE TEXT ME IF YOU HAVE TO GO TO THE BATHROOM. Geez.

Off they go, back to the house I go. Ok we have 30 minutes. I’m lucky to have such helpful friends, let me just say that! Chopping fruit and veggies, running to the store for ice, setting up tiki torches and christmas lights. Oh, remember those duffel bags of decorations I prepped? Yeah, they never even saw the light of day. *sigh* The Christmas tree didn’t even get set up. I really wanted to do that! But luckily I had gone overkill on the food and chose things that were Christmassy, so they made up for it. Also the Christmas lights. Those were essential.

I didn’t even have time to put makeup on. I think I’d put on eyeliner earlier in the day?? And maybe (hopefully) deodorant?? I hadn’t even thought about what I was going to wear.

They texted us as they were walking up the street, and we pretty much just had to stop doing everything and get ready with our noisemakers when my husband starts walking up the driveway. He sees me, and has this confused look on his face. Even though we had just squealed our noisemakers at him, and I am now wearing a green dress versus the shorts and tube top I was wearing 30 minutes ago when he saw me, all he wants to know is why there’s an extension cord in our driveway (for the lights). Really?? Not why all these people are here, or why there’s all this food outside… just why there’s a GD extension cord in our driveway? Lol. To say the least, he was confused. Then he got it, and was really happy. I felt bad because there were a lot of people who couldn’t make it, but he was really happy that all the people that did were there. It also may or may not have had something to do with the fact that he and Stevvy had had FOUR beers while they were out. Way to go getting him drunk before his own party Stevvy!

Ok all that stress put aside, it turned out to be a good time. We had yummy food, pretty lights, and perfect weather. It had been close to 100 degrees here in the days leading up to the party, but it was only mid-80’s on Saturday. We got to sit in our back yard with our firepit for the first time since moving in (I love a good firepit!), and people got to see the house and meet the pup.

Ok now for the pics.


Christmas tree shaped veggie tray and Christmas shaped pizzas! Tree, candy cane, and Santa (I see it now, but totally couldn’t that night, lol)!





bread bowl “wreath” – note the red pepper bow at the top!

I think I mentioned that I had to do some cooking at my neighbors – yeah, my 8lbs of pork in a crockpot at their house! Well my awesome neighbors also were truly awesome enough to pull off a couple ideas I threw their way – which were the Christmas shaped pizzas (although they came up with Santa on their own!), and the bread bowl wreath. I mean, how cool are our neighbors?

So, uh, I also had decided we were having beef and black bean burgers (we had a couple vegetarians)… and was inside prepping those things for quite a while since people were probably getting a bit hungry at this point. Anyway, my point is that I didn’t have much time to snap photos, and sorry this is blurry, but here is where we spent most of our night:

yay firepit and tiki torches! bugs be gone!

It may have been his “birthday” party, but that didn’t mean he got off the hook for cooking the burgers.

MIL – remember that apron? I was lucky enough to find it in the basement at the last minute!

Have I mentioned how much I love having a Christmas Tree Shop right by my house? We ran there on our “wedding errands” (aka liquor and tiki torch run). How perfect are these plates?

flamingoes wearing santa hats = awesome

I really wanted to do a lot of things, but one that actually got done was a holly in a mason jar with cranberries and candles project. It turned out super cute – we have holly in our backyard and even though I was unable to find cranberries in the store, pulled some sort of other red berries off one of the many unidentifiable plants in our backyard. Thank you Cass for putting it all together for me!

I’m not mentioning any names, but somebody was exhausted the next day.

it’s hard work being a puppy.
PS: she snores.

Also, I’d bought her a Christmas bandana to go on her collar and totally forgot to put it on her. So then I made her wear it for 3 days after the party until my husband made me take it off. Stevie and I decided she needs to have one for every holiday.

yup, still sleeping



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