And the opposite of awesome is…

27 Aug

Your refrigerator dying. Yeah… so that happened to us yesterday.

My husband actually noticed on Friday evening that the fridge didn’t seem very cold. He went to a bachelor party that night and wasn’t home again until Sunday and he brought it up again. Clearly I didn’t notice it getting progressively warmer while he was away…

The milk had gone sour, and it was a similar sight in the freezer – ice cubes (aka wine cubes, broth cubes, lime juice cubes… all the things I freeze in ice cube form) were melting! So off to Home Depot we went (we don’t mess around!). When we bought the house in March we had plans to slowly upgrade all of our appliances (none of them match, are of varying ages, and this fridge is straight up old school white), so I mean it’s not REALLY that big of a deal that we had to buy a new one so soon. The only thing I’m worried about is losing the food! Have I mentioned I freeze everything? Have I also mentioned that I asked for and got a basement freezer for my birthday 2 months ago?? Um, yeah, THANK GOD FOR THAT! Our freezer is now only as cold as a refrigerator, and our refrigerator is as cold as… well, nothing really. All that’s left in there are beverages and produce. I moved all the refrigetator items to the freezer half of the non-functioning refrigerator, and all the freezer items are in the basement. And when I say “moved” I mean “frantically threw everything” into the basement freezer.

this WAS only half full before yesterday…

Not to fear – I saved the wine cubes!

refusing to let the wine cubes die

Oh, right, and I put all dairy products into a cooler. We bought it this summer and just noticed yesterday the label says “guaranteed to keep contents cool for up to 5 days!”. Let’s hope so!

(Our new fridge is being delivered tomorrow.)



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