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I Made Something Awesome – A Kitchen Bulletin Board

10 Sep

If you’re friends with me on facebook, you’ll have seen how worried I was that our new fridge was going to be nonmagnetic…. yeah, it is. That only sucks so bad because A – we have a whole lotta magnets and B – we had a thing where we were getting magnets from all the new places we visited (states or cities, not like every landmark). So… yeah. Case in point:

I moved a lot of them onto our dishwasher, but it’s not the same and it’s much smaller and also our sweet little puppy likes to think they’re her toys. On the fridge we kept them up high so she couldn’t get to them. With the dishwasher… not so much.


While I try to magneticize random things in my house, I at least solved half (or 1/4) of the problem – where do we put things like notes, coupons, wedding invitations! Obviously a bulletin board is the answer to that. And guess what – probably about 2 years ago I bought this crappy bulletin board (note that the previous owner was obviously a tween) that I’ve never used and has been sitting in our basement for quite some time. Yes, ok, call me a hoarder. But hey – it worked out! It just took 2 years to find it’s true purpose in life. 🙂


Stevie helped.

So I ripped off the white border and covered it in some lace I had (don’t get mad at me for destroying it, it had some pretty big holes in it already so was ready to be repurposed) using my handy little glue gun. I bought a couple of empty frames this past spring for just such a purpose (or another purpose, but this is now it’s real purpose!), and so all I had to do after the lace was added on was nail these suckers together.

instagram makes everything look better

And now we have a fun new bulletin board in our kitchen. 🙂

ta da!



Call me, maybe?

7 Sep

Did you know that land lines still exist? As in, NON mobile phones? No, really. They do. As the rest of the world is getting cell phones and nixing their land lines, we got a land line this week. Basically, our promotional period with our cable company was ending, and it was actually going to be cheaper if we got a land line and bundled our internet, cable, and phone into one, rather than just internet and cable. This was my husband’s choice, btw.

Before the cable guy came to install it, I was like, “Um, maybe we should get a phone.” As painful as it was to go BUY a new house phone (in my family, I’m used to them just getting passed around. “Oh, your phone stopped working? Here’s one of my extras.”).

So off to Best Buy we went (that gift card still coming in handy Aunt Cheri!).

We walked around looking for a section with (non mobile) phones for a good ten minutes before finally breaking down and asking someone who worked there. I believe my exact words were, “Can you tell me where the land line phones are… if you still even sell them?” They were all the way against a back wall, nowhere we would’ve ever found them. I think they were in the miscellaneous section. Lol.

So now we have a land line… that I still have yet to hear ring (other than when the cable guy tested it)… and I’m sure I’m going to have a heart attack the first time it does. Also, my husband refuses to set up an answering machine message with me. Oh this brings back memories of the olden days! When having your own phone number was… well, like kids having cell phones these days – “necessary” and “cool”. And you recorded your super cool, probably really annoying, answering machine message (and then re-recorded it like 16 times until it was perfect).

I kind of wish we could’ve just gotten the see through phone that lit up neon. Remember this??

I miss you, see through phone.

I guess it’s not really practical when you’re talking about a phone for more than just a teenager’s bedroom. You know, mobility and such. But they do say you should have a cord phone on hand in case of a black out… I wonder if my mom still has my phone…

Anyway. I have a land line. That nobody calls. And house phones still exist (in case you were wondering).