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How Does Your Garden Grow?

8 May

I keep complaining to people about all the work we’ve been doing on our garden. It’s definitely like “white people problems” in the sense that I shouldn’t really be complaining about anything! Our back yard is landscaped and lovely. But we’ve been trying to figure out all the perennials that are back there, put down mulch…

Do you have any idea how many bags of mulch you need?? I’m pretty sure we’ve been through 30 and our yard is not.that.big. I think it’s because our yard is basically all gardens. The previous previous (so not the previous, but the ones before) owners landscaped the back area with little articulate garden beds and brick paths circling here and there.

Look at all I have to complain about!


Look away!

But the thing is, there’s like no grass whatsoever. We have this teeny tiny little triangle of grass (you can kind of see it in the first pic above, look for my painting supplies I didn’t move before I took the photo). And in some of the garden beds there’s empty space. So what I’d really like to do is move some of the plants around, therefore getting rid of a bed here and there, pull up some of the brick paths, to make room for some more grass. See? Told you my complaints really have no basis. But! Because I have such high hopes, and I guess really just want to make it “ours”, it is a lot of work. Also, my husband has been wonderful and patient enough to put down all 30 bags of mulch. THAT is a lot of work!

And, grass won’t grow everywhere I want to get rid of beds because they’re in a shady area (not shady knife you shady, shady dark with no sunlight). So I’ve also been trying to transplant and expand our amount of moss. I loooove moss. Maybe it’s because it’s just so green and lucious.

transplanting moss – stay tuned

And just as I’m telling you I want to get rid of some garden beds, I’m going to tell you that I created a new one, lol. It’s on the side of the garage and I needed somewhere to plant some bulbs from my Meamaw’s garden that my aunt gave me! Plus I didn’t feel like that side of the garage would grow much grass. We’ll see if it grows much of anything, but it looks better now that it did before! I don’t have a before shot, so just imagine that whole area looking like the dry dirt outside of the bed. Blech. I raked up the soil, pulled up a ton of tree roots, and used some bricks that were behind our garage (you can see we still have some back there) to frame the bed.

AND (because I clearly haven’t used “and” enough in this post) I’ve figured out what my favorite plant is: Azaleas! They’re so purdy, and lucky for me our house came with two out front, a small one out back, and another one out back I didn’t realize was one until all of a sudden white blooms came out of nowhere and I did a double-take! My aunt also gave me two Azaleas from my Meamaw’s garden, which I’m assuming won’t bloom until next year now. I kind of just want to plant azaleas everywhere! There’s tons of houses in our town with azaleas out the wazoo, so they must grow pretty well here. Also, I heart rhododendrons (definitely had to look up the spelling there). Probably because they look like Azaleas but just clumped together and in a bigger bush type thing.




I’d love to take credit for these gorgeous flowers… so I will. Nevermind that we just moved in a month ago…

AND we have a rose bush (also obviously my doing)!

Ok panning out it doesn’t look all that great (I think it needs some major trimming back), but look at the adorable garden signs my MIL sent us!

Any tips or advice for this rookie gardener?? I mean, I’ve had tiny gardens with annuals before (I am a PRO at growing sunflowers for some reason)… but nothing like this!

Also, we have officially become uncool adults who say things like “Boy, our garden sure could use some rain!” and then, “I wish it would stop raining, but boy does our garden need it!” *sigh* At least we have neighbors around our age we can joke about this with, lol. My husband and I just laugh at our “homeowner problems” – dry soil, not having time to mulch, repaving the driveway. I think we are officially old.