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Holiday Awesome: The Shiny and The Sparkly

31 Dec

There are basicallyĀ two things New Year’s Eve epitomizes:

1 – disappointment (you know it’s true. new year’s never lives up to what we build it up to be!)

2 – sparkly things

But mainly just sparkly things.

yummy sparkly sugar rim

you gotta have a disco ball!

makin' those christmas bulbs work double-time

i missed wearing a sparkly dress this year šŸ˜¦

Unfortunately I had to sit out festivities this year because we had a 5 1/2 hour delayed flight back from England, AND my hubby’s sick. Oh well. I’m pretty tired myself.

Must… stay… up… to… watch… ball… dr………

Happy 2012!



Holiday Awesome: New Year’s Traditions

31 Dec

Do YOU have any New Year’s traditions? Will you be eating lentils tomorrow? Or just toasting to a new year tonight? The only tradition I keep is wearing a pretty dress. Petty? Maybe. Pretty? Yup!

Some people have traditions and superstitions they adhere to every year. Probably passed down for generations. I don’t recall any traditions in my family, but am willing to bet my Meamaw had a few. She always had these old school traditions and superstitions she’d come out with.

A quick google search turned up a few beauts:

– making sure your pantry is full when the new year starts, so that you don’t go hungry throughout the year
– it’s apparently lucky to eat black eyed peas, lentils, or pork. UNlucky to eat poultry, because they scratch in the ground and you don’t want that for yourself in the new year (um, apparently)
– wearing a new item of clothing on new year’s day means you could be in for more new clothing items in the new year (I could give this one a whirl!)
– “letting the old year out” open your doors at midnight to let the old year out and the new one in (guess that’s where out with the old, in with the new comes from!)
– nothing leaves your house on new year’s day. nothing except you, that is. (Um, I don’t get this one.)
– breaking anything on new year’s day apparently means there will be some kind of “wreckage” in your life in the new year
– the first person to step foot in your house in the new year will apparently influence your life in some way that year (I would think if this person’s coming into your house that they play a pretty decent role in your life already!)

Now I’ll be trying not to break anything and contemplating giving black eyed peas a taste for the first time in my life. Did I miss any good traditions?

Don’t forget your kiss at midnight kiddies!